The comic genius Herb Gardner said, “Once you get people laughing … they’re listening.” And that’s the ultimate measure of a successful event: getting the audience to really listen to your message!

That’s where Richard Laible comes in: as a professional meeting host with over two decades of corporate and association hosting experience (10 years with Chicago’s legendary “The Second City” improvisational theater), he’ll definitely get your audience laughing; but even more important, he’ll get them – and keep them – listening closely to the messages you wish to communicate throughout your program.

Richard uses “Fun” at the right times in the right ways to support and enhance your key messages by capturing your audience’s attention and never letting their interest wane over the course of the event.

You want a successful and memorable event. Richard will partner with you. You want your audience to enjoy themselves, participate, and remember the core messages. Richard will support you every step of the way.


Richard Laible has a customized, high-energy approach that brings corporate messages and ideas to LIFE, ENGAGES and INSPIRES people to listen, participate and realize their full potential.

Let's Share Some Laughs!


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