Motivational Keynote Speaker


Richard Laible is an expert at helping groups stay open to accepting new ideas & processes, thus bringing those ideas to life and getting the team to work together to be its very best.

The easiest thing to do is say, “No!” With Richard’s expertise, team members can bring ideas to life. And those ideas are then genuinely considered, explored and given a chance to grow into something bigger, better and ultimately allowed to flourish.

When people are truly in the moment, listening to each other and working together, ideas get a chance to be accepted and brought it to life. It’s true in successful sports team, large symphonies, Broadway casts and it can be just as successful for you and company too.

Most motivational speakers are good, but the “motivation” stops as soon as the attendees leave the room. Early on Richard vowed to be different. In his interactive, engaging and funny address about the “Improv Rules for Life” people walk out of the room with real tools to go forward making their work, relationships and life better.

“In my experience of working with 100s of companies and business leaders across the world, there has been consistent interest in how to get teams to work together and stay open to new ideas to keep the company relevant. As a universal innovator I reinforce those themes in any organizational setting, helping people be better than they thought they could ever be on their own. Organizations have a need to be better. I can help them leverage my expertise in engagement as a performer in these areas.”

Richard Laible

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