The comic genius Herb Gardner said, “Once you get people laughing…they’re listening.” For a corporate emcee and presenter, people listening to your message is the ultimate measure of a successful sales conference or trade show exhibit!

Corporate Emcee Meeting Host Presenter Richard Laible

Corporate Emcee Richard Laible

That’s where Richard Laible comes in: as a professional meeting host, corporate emcee and presenter with over two decades of corporate hosting experience (10 years with Chicago’s legendary “The Second City” improvisational theater), Richard definitely gets your audience laughing. But even more important, he gets them – and keeps them – listening closely to the messages you wish to communicate throughout your program.


A Meeting Facilitator will introduce guests, tell some jokes and handle the corporate “housekeeping.” And, frankly, a Meeting Facilitator could be just about anybody. Richard Laible is not just anybody.

By the time Richard Laible arrives at your corporate event, he has already exceeded expectations and has done more work than most corporate emcees and meeting hosts. His job does not just start when he lands in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, Boston, New York or the many other cities and countries in which he regularly works. Richard devotes a substantial amount of time researching client companies, collaborating with his clients and crafting the messaging, scripts and programming that transform an ordinary corporate meeting into a highly effective, exciting event. The key elements of Richard’s unique, customized approach that set him apart include:

Prepare by understanding your company, speakers, and messaging to assure that Richard’s contribution as corporate emcee is targeted to the strategic goals for your event. Simply put: Richard arrives prepared.

Set the Tone
Richard opens the event in a fun, upbeat, and highly interactive manner, to set the tone to be consistent with the important themes. He knows how and when to use just the right amount of humor to engage the audience, keep their attention and get them listening to the important messages. He imparts the required “housekeeping” with humor and enthusiasm, setting the tone for the entire event. From the moment he walks on stages or takes the mic, his clients know they hired an exceptional presenter.

Throughout the event, Richard monitors and adjusts the tone and pace with a mix of humor, audience interaction, magic and stories. He is a “whatever it takes” corporate emcee and presenter.

Dave Laurello, Stratus Technologies | Richard Laible Trade Show Presenter Corporate Emcee


Personalized Content
By researching each client and the leadership, management and staff, as well as the company’s mission, philosophy and products and services, professional corporate emcee, Richard Laible, is able to provide personalized and entertaining introductions of speakers, segments and topics. He not only knows his subject matter–he knows yours!

Dynamic and Engaging Pace
An amateur or less experienced corporate emcee may be able to open big, with a lot of energy. But, for a successful meeting or event, one that may stretch throughout an entire day, the emcee–master of ceremonies—must maintain a dynamic and engaging flow and pace to the activities and agenda.

Audience Participation
Richard Laible sustains audience involvement & participation with his high-energy, developing a customized presentation specific to each client’s needs.

Richard Hoschschild, Discover Financial | Richard Laible Trade Show Presenter Corporate Emcee


  • Helps bring messages to life in a fun way, inspires people to act, and increases their commitment to execute.
  • Supports you and your objectives, making your event better and your job easier
  • Enjoyment of the event like never before as attendees eagerly participate and interact and ultimately realize their full potential to perform.
  • Ideas are brought to life and retained better since the people were actively listening.

You want a successful and memorable corporate event. Richard Laible can partner with you and make that happen. You want your audience to enjoy themselves, participate, and remember the core messages. That’s exactly what Richard does.

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