While I’m Working The Exhibit, Things You Can Do To Make A Trade Show A Success

While I am creating a buzz about your trade show exhibit around the convention hall floor, there are a number of thing you and your staff can be doing before, during and after the show to ensure that you have a trade show success.

From FOX Business, here are some strategies to consider:

Richard Laible

About Richard Laible

Professional Master of Ceremonies, Richard Laible, has performed in hundreds of corporate industrials, for numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Cisco, Sprint PCS, McDonald’s, Ameritech, Kraft USA, Burger King, Motorola, IBM, SAP and many more throughout his two decade career. His specialties include Corporate Emcee, Corporate Meeting Host, Trade Show Presenter and Sales Meeting Host. Contact Richard Laible at or 847.446.2425

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