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Rules of Improvisation

Rules of Improvisation can help all of us in work, life & love. My mentor and improvisational guru Del Close once said to our class, “First, there are no rules. OK? Now, Rule number one….!” …and went on to discuss the rules that make an improvisation scene work. (I believe what he was saying was that there are rules to Improvisation everyone should follow, but sometimes, those rules can either be broken or not used at all in certain situations. But I digress). What follows are, to me, the BIG 3 RULES OF IMPROVISATION. read more

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How To Write A Joke

how to write a joke

Everybody likes to laugh

How to write a joke.

Why blog about this?

Because I’m answering the 2 most common questions I’m asked:

1) How do you write your jokes?

2) Can you help me write a joke?

I remember my first joke (Side note: I did not write this joke). I was little, maybe 1st grade, and my parents were having a party. I walked around every small group of people asking, “Is your refrigerator running?” In retrospect I’m sure they all knew this joke, but looking down and seeing this kid in his pajamas what jerk is going to heckle me and spoil my gag? So, they say, “Yes.” With perfect timing I hit ‘em with the punch! “Well, you better go catch it!” Cue the perfunctory laughter. Hundreds of hours of therapy have shown me this positive reinforcement set the path I am still on. Oh yeah, how to write a joke. read more

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