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An Emcee’s Travel Packing Tips…for Men ONLY

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Over the past 20+ years as a professional emcee I have become quite astute at packing ONE carry-on bag for a five days’ worth of travel as most of my work takes place away from where I live. (Caveat: being a man, I cannot speak for female travelers, as I have never packed a suitcase for a lady) One reason I do this is that I never have to worry about the airlines losing my luggage (stuff I need for my role as emcee), something I hear happens from time to time. read more


Trade Show “Secrets of Attraction”


5 Engaging Ways to Drive Trade Show Traffic!

In the crazy world of trade shows I’ve seen almost every conceivable attempt to draw attendees into booths in my 20+ years as a presenter, writer and consultant. From a random marketing person standing in the middle of the booth awkwardly giving a PowerPoint presentation to a full-blown Cirque du Soleil act outfitted with a flying trapeze.

The former has most attendees simply walk by without a second glance, the latter gathers big crowds but costs a fortune (you’ve already paid too much for that square of carpet, drayage, flights, hotel rooms, etc.) with no personal engagement or educational benefits to your brand. read more


Top Ten Tips To Emcee Meetings and Events

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Public speaking is listed as American’s #1 fear (death is at #5 & loneliness, weighing in at #7). Guess that means that most of us are less afraid of dying alone than of “making fools of ourselves” in front of others, which is a possibility if you emcee meetings and events.

But let’s say a boss said you MUST get in front of a group of any number of people and emcee meetings, a seminar, conference, awards dinner, or any other of a number of events. Well, the best way to overcome any fear you might have is to face that fear and be as prepared as possible in your new role as an emcee. I can’t stress enough that the more you’re prepared the less you’ll feel stressed, and the list below will be a huge help getting you there. So, here are my… read more

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While I’m Working The Exhibit, Things You Can Do To Make A Trade Show A Success

While I am creating a buzz about your trade show exhibit around the convention hall floor, there are a number of thing you and your staff can be doing before, during and after the show to ensure that you have a trade show success.

From FOX Business, here are some strategies to consider:

Are You Attending The Right Trade Shows And Conferences For Your Small Business?

Attending conferences and trades shows, especially those located in other cities, can be costly–in time and money. Inc. Magazine helps with a little direction with the 14 Conferences Every Small-Business Owner Should Attend